Distinctly Dad

"One of the most difficult things for fathers to realise... is how irreplaceable they are"


Today is Father's Day almost everywhere around the world, except (funnily enough) here in Australia.

Plenty of brands will jump on the dadvertising bandwagon, saying they have just the right gift for the dad in your life, but up until now, very few organisations have recognised the vital role dads play in their kids lives (or the fact that not all mums do the grocery shopping!).

Enter pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson.

With approximately 120,000 employees across 57 countries, you'd think they probably have a fair idea of what dads want. 

Here is a beautiful short film they've released just in time for Father's Day, and a perfect illustration of the kind of stuff we are like here at Dads.Co.

Is this good stuff or just cashing in on the daddy dollar?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.