Watch out for the lady thieves

This hilarious clip from 1962 details all the ways in which women have stolen from men.

From stealing the paint from our 'electric motor vehicles' to paint their nails, to running away with our 'real mink hats', London was obviously a hellish war zone in the swingin' sixties.

Sure, it seems pretty lame these days but we thought it was a pretty good example of the kind of old thinking or environment that many of our parents (and even some of you) grew up in.

We'd like to think we've come a long way, but sadly many men still feel as though the world is being stolen away from them by strong women or the 'female agenda'.

Here at Dads.Co, we welcome all viewpoints, because this site is primarily a safe place for dads to connect and share their unique experiences of fatherhood online.

We understand that many of you have been hurt or even had your children taken away by the female in your life. Many of you have been fighting lengthy court battles to gain custody of your kids, in a legal system which can often seem deeply skewed towards the mother.

These are genuine issues facing thousands of dads all over the world. The last thing we plan to do is pretend like it's not happening.

So while Dads.Co will study the gender gap and looks forward to some robust debate over complex issues like relationships, diversity and the court system, we feel it's important to recognise none of us would be here without women.

We aim to create content and conversation promoting a supportive and collaborative partnership between the sexes, rather than the ridiculously outdated thinking shown in this video.


As always, we welcome feedback so let us know what you think in the comments below.