Being a dad is pretty flippin' awesome


Guest post by Jamie Wallace

Before we had our little fella, my wife and I were pretty confident that life wouldn't change too much for us as fairly adventurous individuals who both have lots of hobbies.  

For example, we both went to the gym at least three times a week and our plan was definitely to keep this up.  

It's funny, even though I've always loved kids and always wanted kids of my own, I literally had no idea just how much having a kid of my own would mean to me and how much I would be willing to do for the little guy, how much I would be willing to give up for him.  But when I first laid eyes on him, I was absolutely blown away!  

One of the most indescribably amazing and surreal moments of my life.

I could not believe how much he looked like me as a baby and in that moment I knew that I'd do pretty much anything for him.  

My dad has always been willing to put himself out in every possible way that he can to do anything for me and my sister and I finally get why.  

I want to be the same for my kids.  

One and a half years later and I have been to the gym exactly zero times.  Not because I can't, but because my priorities have changed for the minute.  I want to give my boy as much of my time as possible.  And the fact that it wasn't all that difficult to give up a lot of things that we used to love both surprises me and makes me happy.  

Don't get me wrong, being a Dad is pretty flippin' hard, but it's also pretty flippin' awesome.

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