The greatest letter ever sent home from school

One of things that scares me most about being a parent is the idea of sending my son off to school one day.

Not because I'm worried for his safety or even that he'll be too shy to meet the other kids... I'm terrified that when he inevitably asks me 'daddy why do I have to go to school?', I won't have a good enough reason.

I hated school and never understood the point of it, particularly the painful standardised testing models forcing every single kid through the same brand of boring. No matter what lit me (or anyone in my class) up, the poor teachers had neither the time, nor the inclination to look for other ways to engage or incentivise us.

Thankfully, it appears this is changing... At least in some parts of the world.


This letter sent home from Barrowford Primary School in the UK, is part of a long running disagreement between teachers and the powers that be, over the use of standardised testing in primary (elementary) schools.

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