The best first date

Before we say anything, just watch.

And now that you've watched the video, what do you think?

It's been viewed well over 8 million times so far and the responses seem to be split pretty well right down the middle.

There's people who love what this dad is doing...


and then not some who are not so happy about it


Like most things on YouTube, there will always be haters and trolls... Particularly when it's a video made by a Christian insurance company who claim to give back 100% of their profits to charity.

But no matter where the video came from (or how awkward the music they've used) we think it's still a beautiful idea for any dad to go to so much effort and make his daughter feel so special.


The look on her face says it all. That kids is stoked!

To be honest, the questions raised by this video really cut to the exact reason why we started this website. Because it's hard enough to be a great dad, without needing to question ourselves over every tiny action just because society has grown uncomfortable with the idea of grown men being anywhere near children - or worse - going out of our way to make them smile.

Take away the advertising and remove the religious message and all we see is a dad trying to show his little girl how she deserves to be treated... Something we at Dads.Co deserves to be applauded.

But that's just our opinion - What do you think?
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