By order of me

Rachel O'Neill is a Scottish artist who likes playing outdoors.

In 2010, she was commissioned by the National Theatre of Scotland to create something special for the City of Aberdeen.


The result was a collaboration with writer Davey Anderson and 54 students from nearby Kingsford Primary School.

Together, they created a series of signs giving people permission to play... By order of the kids.


Especially in the early days of becoming a dad, I often found myself really struggling to let go and just enjoy the ups and downs of it all.

Even now, my wife will sometimes have to remind me to just relax and play with my son, rather than trying to be strong or worry about where our next pay check is going to come from.

To be honest, I was genuinely shocked to hear myself on tape after we recorded the first episode of The Truth About Dad podcast... I sound so worried! I have no idea where the relaxed and super fun Muzza went, but I think it had a lot to do with becoming a dad a few years ago and feeling it was suddenly my job to provide and be some kind of rock for the family, no matter what.


It's weird to think that we would ever need permission from our kids to run screaming down a hill... But I remember some of the frustration I felt when my son first arrived, and screaming was the one thing I wanted to do sometimes.

This weekend, we are going to find a hill like this and take these kids wise advice.

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