How to have more sex and play video games after the baby arrives

There are no words for what you're about to witness in this Kickstarter pitch video, so we'll just be straight up about 2 things:


1. Pregnancy can be hard on a woman's body

More than 50% of all women suffer from Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction sometime in her life, regardless of race, religion or Zodiac signs.

2. Kegel exercises help strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Take note of this, because sore pelvic floor muscles are the NUMBER ONE REASON why it's tough for a woman to care about or have sex after pregnancy.

So keep those two points in mind as we unleash the extreme enthusiasm of Tom Chen, from Linkcube Studio

Ok, so now you know.

So, just to reiterate in case you were laughing at the weirdness of this whole thing...

The benefits 

  • Pre-pregnancy preparation & Post-pregnancy recovery. Strong pelvic muscles are vitally important during and after pregnancy, both in helping the body manage changes arising from the pregnancy and also in recovering more readily after giving birth. 
  • Bladder control. Weakened pelvic muscles causes urinary incontinence. By strengthening the muscles with Kegel Exercise, you can better control your bladder.
  • Improved musculoskeletal stability
  • Pleasure. Pelvic muscles contribute to healthy sexual response for women. Strong pelvic floor muscles can enhance arousal and improve sensation, orgasm quality, and general sexual experience. Men also prefer his female partner to have stronger pelvic muscles, due to stronger contact forces and grip during the course

So if you act fast enough, for under $100 you might just increase your chances of getting laid by helping your lady feel way more prepared and confident about her post-baby body.

But a word of advice: Maybe ask her first.

And whatever you do... Don't buy it for her birthday, ok!?