A first Christmas I'll never forget

Guest post by Robbie Dugan, Ireland


It was Logan's first Christmas in 2012.

My daughter Ellie had Chickenpox earlier in the month and we were hoping Logan would avoid catching them from her, but no such luck. 

Christmas Eve came and we were all just getting ready to head out into town to soak in the festive atmosphere and maybe do a little bit of last minute shopping. We were just giving Logan a fresh nappy before we were to leave and we noticed the first of the chickenpox.

I mean what luck? Christmas Eve!

We decided to give the trip in to town a miss and make sure he was ok. That evening he wasn't too bad. Christmas Day came and he had a few more spots but nothing to get panicked about.

Then the day after Christmas Day he was covered in them. He was so irritated and uncomfortable from the itching the pox were causing and we had to spend all day stopping him from scratching in case he left scars. He was miserable. 

I'll never forget feeling so helpless listening to him cry from the discomfort.

We relieved him by putting a special cream on to ease the itching and thankfully it did work. I thought these pox were never going to go away. There were just so many of them.

I know this is nothing compared to stories you hear about peoples kids going through serious illness but it really was a bad time for me. Luckily most of my memories from being a father are good though.