The big question

We can break it down a million ways, but pretty much everything we are doing at Dads.Co comes down to this question:

Image by Brett Basham, Tennessee

Image by Brett Basham, Tennessee

It's the question that drives so many elements and so many decisions we've made about this project. 

It's the reason Murray, our founder, decided to turn down a six figure salary to stay true to his mission of connecting millions of dads all over the world... No matter what that means short term.

It's the same reason none of us are being paid for being involved in Dads.Co (yet), because we believe connecting our community is more important than collecting our cash.

And most importantly, it's the reason we make time to play, every single day. Because we want our kids to know where our priorities are.

We still question ourselves, every day. But we're trying hard to make our kids (and our kid selves) damn proud of where we're heading.

So tell us...

Would the boy you were, be proud of the man you are?