My daughter's first snow trip

When i look at this photo it immediately brings a big goofy smile to my face. At the moment i caught her, i looked into her eyes, her rosy red cheeks from the chill of the breeze, and most importantly her beautiful smile accompanied with a frenzied giggle, the type that only comes out accidentally. 

It takes me right back to that moment. and right at that moment, everything was perfect.

Mike & Zalia, loving life

Mike & Zalia, loving life

As any Dad knows, it can sometimes be difficult to have the whole family at peace, happy and healthy. Throw into the mix being on holiday and its double trouble! But on this occasion, not only did we survive the flight to Melbourne, we also survived the long and winding car trip to the snow.

My wife and i were able to relax (with help from Zali's grandparents) and Zali was somehow unaffected by all the travel. We laughed and loved the whole experience together.

When i look at this photo now not only does it make me happy, but it instills in me a little pride.

It makes me think that through all the hard work, the tears, the tantrums, bangs and bruises, cuddles and kisses, that were doing something right.

The smile on that girls face and the twinkle in her eye when she looks at me and says "again?" shows me how to love and trust another human like only a child can.

She teaches me more than i ever thought she would, and all i can hope is that i can keep the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eye as she grows.