The Apple Collection... From 1986

Ok so I'll admit, quite a few of us are Apple fanboys here at Dads.Co

There's no escaping our excitement at the upcoming iPhone 6 release on Sept 9, or particularly how pumped we are to finally see the iWatch later this year.

The 'original' Apple iWatch, 1986

The 'original' Apple iWatch, 1986

But I'm not sure how many dads around here would be brave enough to rock the ultimate Apple fan boy gear, seen below from the 1986 'Apple Collection'.


Some of this stuff could actually be pretty fresh, if it wasn't being worn by this All American playboy on the right. And what's with that dude on the far left...


We thought you might at least like to see what Steve Jobs wanted your kids to be wearing to the dinner table in the mid 80's


I think that kid is about to murder someone with his $800 lunchbox.

via FastCo