The Early Days

In late 2013, Murray Galbraith quit his job as a Creative Director in Melbourne to launch one of Australia's first ever Kickstarter campaigns.

Teaming up with some great mates from high school, Murray, Cam, Nick and Rhys managed to successfully raise over $20,000 to make a documentary titled; Pretty Rad for a Dad.

Sadly, after all that effort and momentum, life inevitably got complicated and the boys were unable to complete the full documentary as originally planned. It's a long story, but between multiple miscarriages, mental health complexity and a number of meetings in Hollywood (true story!), let's just say the boys gave it everything but couldn't quite pull through it together the way they'd hoped.

In lieu of the entire documentary, the Pretty Rad lads managed to create an excellent short film titled 'The Fathership'

With his mind set on raising enough money to complete the original vision, while raising awareness about the complexity of modern fatherhood, Murray decided to pivot away from film and moved closer to his experience and long term passion - utilising technology to create communities and connect like-minded people.

AND SO, Dads.Co was born.

Since then, Murray has become a founding member of the Healthy Dads Advisory Board for Beyond Blue, launched a podcast, delivered dozens of keynote speeches and become a thought leading contributor to countless magazines, podcasts and media broadcasts. 

Currently focused on building Myriad - Australia's fastest growing tech and innovation event - and attempting to be a decent dad along the way, Murray can still be found posting daily content and connecting with digital dads from all over the world at our Facebook page here.

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