Episode 11

Keeping it Simple with Tommy McCubbin


Long story short, if you know someone about to become a dad... Send them this link.
Tommy has some of the simplest and best advice for expecting dads we've ever heard, so definitely have a listen

You can also check out Tommy's rad new app at HappyWife.Co

Episode 10

Made in Movember with Jeremy Macvean


Episode 09

Father's Day in Australia

Episode 08

Getting Interactive with Shawn O'Keefe


This week Murray catches up with young dad Shawn O'Keefe, who just left the SXSW Interactive Festival after 14 years in search of new adventures.

Just some of the things you'll learn about in Episode 8:

As if anything I choose to put here will do justice to the phenomenal work that Shawn and his team put in to make SXSW what it is, but here are just a few of my own personal highlights.

Episode 07

Super Awesome Micro Projects with Steve Sammartino


This week Murray catches up with entrepreneurial powerhouse Steve Sammartino to talk about his new book 'The Great Fragmentation: Why the future of business is small'

Just some of the things we talk about in Episode 7:

Episode 06

The Evolution of Medicine with James Maskell


This week Murray speaks with the founder and CEO of Revive Primary Care, presenter of Functional Forum and creator of the Evolution Of Medicine Summit, James Maskell.

Just a handful of the things we talk about in Episode 6:

Protip: Stay out of hospitals

Episode 05

Ten Minutes with Murray Galbraith

Episode 04

Ideas Worth Spreading with Jon Yeo


This week Murray catches up with Jon Yeo from TEDxMelbourne

Some things we talk about in Episode 4:

Episode 03

Enjoying The Ride with Darren White


Murray catches up with legendary skate park designer and super rad dad, Darren White from Baseplate Design

Some of the things we talk about it in Episode 3:

  • Part time builder, part time skater, full time dad
  • Learning on the job
  • How to build a multi-million dollar project when nobody speaks the same language
  • Goal setting VS just rolling with it
  • Encouraging self discovery in your kids
  • Hard skating, clean living
  • An honest and consistent approach to parenting, using the RIE Principles

8 time World Cup champion skateboarder Andy McDonald does a 5 minute walk through of Darren's masterpiece, the mind boggling SMP Skatepark in Shanghai, China

Follow Darren on Instagram to see what he gets up to on a daily basis as a designer and a dad

Episode 02

Designing A Better Life with Micah Hancock


This week Murray heads to Los Angeles to chat with award winning Creative Director and Syndrome Studio co-founder, Micah Hancock. 

Some of the things you'll learn in Episode 2:

  • How to juggle being a dad while making music videos for Eminem
  • The value of work colleagues as family
  • What inspired Micah and his wife to adopt 'the old school way'
  • The similarities between design and being a dad
  • Where to find the best Mexican food in Los Angeles

Here's just a few projects from Micah and Syndrome Studio

Episode 01

Risks & Rewards with Dave Koh


Founder of Dads.Co, Murray Galbraith talks to his old friend and experienced social worker Dave Koh about finding ways to stay connected to his kids in Europe, while working and studying full time in Australia.

Just some of the things you'll learn in Episode 1:

  • The unique value of dads
  • Co-parenting via technology
  • Dealing with multiple cultures and languages
  • The benefits of teaching risk taking behaviour in kids
  • What has changed about modern parenting