30 Second Survey


Let's be honest. Answering a few questions probably won't change the world.

But it might just change the world's opinion of what it means to be a dad. And in our opinion, that's one of the most important things we can achieve.

Less than 35% of respondents feel they are taking good care of themselves.

68% feel overwhelmed.

1 in 10 fathers suffer from post-natal depression [ source ]

You are not alone.
Help us help more dads BY FILLING OUT THE SURVEY - THANKS!

Dads.Co 30 Sec Survey
Dads.Co 30 Sec Survey
I take excellent care of my health and fitness
My own father equipped me with all the tools and information I need to be a great dad
I know exactly where to go for help when I need it
My kids look up to me
I feel overwhelmed most of the time
This is not how I saw my life panning out
I'm super proud of the family I'm building